TheraSkin Reimbursement

The TheraSkin® Reimbursement Hotline/Support Center is designed to provide information on coding, coverage, and reimbursement, along with tools for supporting the use of TheraSkin.

All codes provided are for information purposes only and shall not be construed as a statement, promise or guarantee that these codes are accurate or reimbursement will be received. Coding practice will vary by site of care, patient condition, range of services provided, local payor instructions, and other factors. The decision as to how to complete a reimbursement claim form, including amounts to bill, is exclusively the responsibility of the provider. Coding requirements are subject to change at any time - check with your local payor regularly.

TheraSkin Reimbursement Hotline - 1-877-222-2681 for TheraSkin Reimbursement Information.


Benefit Verification Requests

For customers seeking insurance verification assistance, please complete the TheraSkin Benefit Verification Request Form and fax to our toll-free HIPPA compliant, secure fax line 1-855-325-4763. We strive to respond to your request within 24-48 hours of receiving your fax. In order to best serve you in a timely manner please be sure to accurately complete the entire form. If you experience problems in faxing your request, please contact the TheraSkin Reimbursement Hotline at 1-877-222-2681.

Payment is determined at the time a claim is processed and is based upon a variety of factors including insurance policy and contracts negotiated with individual patients and providers of service. This service is not a guarantee of payment.