TheraSkin is a biologically active, cryopreserved real human skin allograft, composed of living cells, fibroblasts and keratinocytes, and a fully developed extra cellular matrix (ECM) in its epidermis and dermis layers. TheraSkin provides, upon application, an “at ready” supply of growth factors/cytokines, and a robust collagen scaffold to jumpstart healing in a recalcitrant, non-healing chronic wound.

TheraSkin is the most versatile of all the skin substitute grafts available as it can be used throughout the full spectrum of healing for virtually all types of chronic wounds. TheraSkin can be used on chronic wounds with exposed muscle, bone, tendon and joint capsule including, but not limited to, DFUs, VLUs, Arterial ulcers, dehisced surgical wounds, pressure sores and wounds that might otherwise require an autograft.

Theraskin is pre-meshed at 1:1.5 ratio and is available in two sizes:

  • 101TSS – 1 inch X 2 inch (13 cm2)
  • 102TSL – 2 inch X 3 inch (39 cm2)

TheraSkin is processed from donated human tissue – a gift from one human being to another. TheraSkin is processed under aseptic conditions in strict compliance with regulations and guidelines stipulated by the FDA and LifeNet Health, who is accreditied by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

Apligraf is a registered trademark of Organogenesis
Dermagraft is a registered trademark of Shire Regenerative Medicine
TheraSkin is a registered trademark of Soluble Systems, LLC



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